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November 2015 Data Release Summary

Projected Population for Scotland (2014-based)

Full publication:


  • Net migration tends towards 15,000 per year
  • Female life expectancy tends towards 85.0
  • Male life expectancy tends towards 82.3
  • Total Fertility Rate tends towards 1.70


  • Population in Scotland in 2014 is 5.35m split 17% children (<16), 20% pensioners (>=SPA), 63% working age; this goes to 5.70m in 2039 split 16% children, 24% pensioners, 60% working age.
  • Rise from 5.35m to 5.70m over 25 years is a rate of increase of 0.25% per annum.
  • Number of dependents per 100 population of working age goes from 58 (= 27 children + 31 pensioners) in 2014, to 67 (= 27 children + 40 pensioners) in 2039
  • Chart shows components (left hand axis, millions of people) of the change in the total population (right hand axis, millions of people) over these 25 years:
    • 1.40m births
    • 1.43m deaths
    • 0.24 net migration from abroad
    • 0.14m net migration from rUK



Businesses in Scotland 2015

Full publication:

The share of employment in Scotland in large firms is falling: in 2010, 0.8% of firms employed 250 people or more, and this employment represented 47.1% of total employment in Scotland; by 2015, 0.6% of firms employed 250 people or more, constituting 44.4% of total employment. This is at the same time as total employment has risen by 100,000, from 2.0m to 2.1m. These changes in the shares were driven by essentially no change in the number of large firms or the number of people these firms employed, but rather the entire 100,000 net increase in Scottish employment being a net increase in numbers employed by very small firms (including a net increase of more than 50,000 in the number of firms with no employees).


The full data release also has number of enterprises and numbers of employees split by sector as well as firm size.


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